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Hello, I'm Emily

I am the founder of The Head Spa(ce).


I am a certified Scalp Care and Head Spa Specialist and aim to improve any underlying scalp condition. I have a diploma in Indian Head Massage & Facial Massage and Skincare. I have also completed training in Aromatherapy Massage. 


My background is midwifery, I had been an NHS midwife for almost 13 years before I started my head spa journey. During my time as a midwife, I always had a passion in aromatherapy, using essential oils, and massage when I was caring for labouring women. I am a firm believer that both essential oils and massage have incredible benefits, not only for scalp and hair health but for physical and mental health.

A nourished and well nurtured scalp = healthy scalp = healthy hair

The Head Spa(ce) Dalkeith

My Approach

Whether you struggle with your scalp or just feel the need to have some me time, I will tailor to your needs. My space is always a safe and calm place to destress and relax, even if you just need to chat or rant about any troubles in you life, I will always lend a listening ear (while I massage..)


There is nothing wrong either taking a bit of time for yourself. As we all know, mental health plays a huge part and it’s so important to take yourself away for an hour or so from a busy life or schedule.


I look forward to meeting you. Please get in touch should you have any questions. 

Emily x

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