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**Terms & Conditions**
Please read carefully. The below terms will need to be agreed and signed within the consultation form when booking any treatment with The Head Spa(ce)

I can confirm that my answers in the booking consultation form are accurate, truthful and to the best of my knowledge. I agree to inform my therapist if I experience any discomfort, pain or feel uncomfortable at any time during my treatment. I am aware my therapist will use carrier and essentials oils on my skin and hair unless modification to treatment has been discussed with my therapist on the appointment day. I agree to inform my therapist as soon as possible if I have any side effects or reactions from the treatment carried out.

I am aware my therapist will assure complete privacy during my treatment and any of my information & records are stored confidentially. I understand my therapist does not diagnose any medical conditions or illnesses. I understand that my therapist has the right to discontinue the treatment at any time for any necessary reason. I understand my therapist has the right to not carry out the treatment if they feel any contraindication would deem the treatment unsafe, and my therapist may recommend medical or dermatology attention or advice if there are concerns with any underlying medical or scalp conditions. I am aware I will be fully informed of what my treatment entails on the appointment day and by signing these terms I give full consent to proceed with my treatment.


I understand in order to secure my appointment time, a 50% non refundable deposit must be paid. I understand if I need to reschedule my appointment, my deposit will be carried over to a rescheduled date, providing at least 48 hours notice has been given. I understand if less than 48 hours notice is given for a reschedule, this will go down as a cancellation and a new deposit will be required for the appointment. I understand that deposits are non refundable for any cancellations regardless of how much notice is given or reason for cancellation. I agree that I will pay the remaining balance of my treatment before leaving. I confirm I am over the age of 18. Under 18's must have written parental consent for any treatment., Under no circumstances can treatments be carried out under the age of 16 years..

For the best experience, please come to your treatment with unwashed hair and minimal make up (make up may be removed during treatment) HeadSpa treatments cannot be carried out on clients who are pregnant or have hair extensions. HeadSpa should be avoided if clients have recently had their hair coloured as colour may be removed during treatment. Aftercare advice is emailed within the booking confirmation. 


The treatment room is upstairs in the hair salon, doors will be closed to keep out as much noise as possible. Please note that every effort is made to keep the treatment room as relaxing as possible. Calming music will be played throughout your treatment. We use eye masks and have ear plugs if required. I agree to inform my therapist should I have any concerns or questions before, during or after my treatment.

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